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Pareto Principal

“The Vital Few”. Named after the economic principle also known as the 80/20 rule. The top twenty percent of talent delivers eighty percent of the results. Oculus Group’s lean and highly experienced team packs a punch way beyond its size.

Keeping it Simple

Many staffing agencies evangelize “disruptive” recruitment techniques. Whilst there is a place for AI tools and automation, it should be a supplement, not a replacement to talking to people. We find the best candidates by building relationships.

Work Ethic

The Oculus team is made up of driven and passionate people. We do not stop until we succeed, and we never switch off. We are permanently available and can accommodate any schedule. Want to chat at 10pm on a Sunday? Works for us.

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Meet The Founders

Tim Heslop

Tim Heslop


Tim started his recruitment career in 2008, co-founding a successful technology staffing agency. He has a pedigree in strategically partnering with hyper-growth technology businesses and scaling multi-disciplined teams.

Tyler Martis

Tyler Martis


Tyler lives and breathes Microsoft recruitment. He has successfully built technology teams, from start-ups to enterprise practices across America. He is synonymous with quality, delivered at speed.

Ash Arceri

Ash Arceri


Ash has spent the last 12 years in the recruitment industry. Building a reputation in the market as the person who can fill the most impossible roles. He knows what it takes to build world class teams for his customers.


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